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Friday, October 16, 2009


Posted by NiXiE~ at 5:37 PM 1 comments
Hello people. Sorry for being inactive for almost a week. Its because of our tour last week then its our FINALS week now. So I dont have much time to open this (sorry :]) I am here now to post some pictures from our HAPPiEST TOUR ever :) It was held in Subic. We've stayed in Grande Island Resort. Much much fun :)

Here's the pic of our Banana Boat TRiP :)) I dont know how to swim and it was my first time to ride there. Haha

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Monday, September 28, 2009


Posted by NiXiE~ at 1:22 PM 1 comments

I know, I am too late for this post, but I want to share what I've experience from that typhoon :/

Saturday morning 'twas a bit dark outside and didnt mind the rain. Coz I thought it was just a simple rain like the past few days. Then my mom told me, "Signal 1 ah. Suspended yung ibang may pasok na HS". Then I said, "Eh HS naman. Signal 2 nagsuspended ang college".

When Im on my way to school (and I am late na) I saw some of the roads were starting to get flood but still passable. 10:30 Im on a rush because I am too late for our 10am class. When I reached the 7th floor of our building my classmate said, "Bakit ka pa pumasok? Suspended na." (Why did you still go here? Classes are suspended) then I said, "Ha? Di nga? Totoo? :(" (Ohh? Really? As in for real?) then he just laugh. Then I received my old classmate text saying, "YES! SUSPENDED NA" and I was like ewan na sumigaw :-j My house is abit far from my school and I dont know how can I go back home that time.
Fast forward...
My classmate texted me, "Wag muna kayo bumaba ha. Ang taas ng baha dito"(Dont try to go down here. Flood is getting higher) So I shouted then told them whats happening on the groundfloor. I looked outside then I am soo really scared what I've saw because the sky is getting really dark and the heavy rain was not stoping.
12nn our prof told us to go down na because of classes were suspended na nga. So we dont have choice na. When we reached the groundfloor, I saw the flood outside and I am really really shocked because that was my first time to see that kind of flood. It wasnt high as the other floods in metro manila but I just cant believe that the flood reached my knee.
Fast forward...
12:30 we where on our hangout place and waiting for the rain to stop and the flood to go down.
2:30 were still stucked there and we're all hungry plus the flood is getting high in our place.
4:00 some of my friends tried to go home then after a 10mins, they went back to us and told us that theres no JEEP and there are alot of people waiting for the jeep.
5:00 some of my friends cant take the coldness and the heavy rain to they decide to go home. They will walk if there's still no jeep.
6:00 me and my friend, decided to go home because there's no rain anymore and the flood is not that high anymore. But we were unlucky because there's still no jeep and there are alot of people waiting for the jeep. So we went back to our hangout place. We were so wet. Because while we're on our way back, heavy rain starts to go down again. T_T
6:30 my friend (who lives just a few blocks away in our school) offered us to stay in their home for a while because of our situation.
6:45pm We're in their house and we changed clothes because we'll get sick if we didnt change it.
7:00 I called my mom to inform her that Im already safe because there's no flood there.
7:25 my mom texted me saying, "Dyan ka muna matulog." Of course I dont have a choice so me and my 2 friends slept there.

When we've watched the news, I cant believe that the "ondoy" typhoon caused soo much flood all over metro manila.

7am My dad fetch me in my school.

Im'a update later.
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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Posted by NiXiE~ at 3:20 PM 3 comments

Hello world!
I am so excited in our upcoming tour xD I dont know yet where we'll be going, I mean what kind of places, what are we going to do. BUT, oh yes! A big BUT (haha) I know where we'll stay for 1 night. It'll be in Grande Island Resort in Subic ;) Gawd! I cant believe that we'll be staying there. See how beautiful it is. I wanna live there na lang. LMFAO. I soo much love my course. Haha! Not because my school always sendin' us to the beautiful and affordable places, BUT it makes me enchance and it always widen up my knowledge.

Just wait for the pictures if we went there na ;)
I'll be there on OCTOBER 2-3 ;) Read the rest of this entry >>

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Posted by NiXiE~ at 5:06 PM 0 comments
2nd: UP
1st: ADMU

Ugh! I thought UST will be the champion again. I'll watch it later. Read the rest of this entry >>

Monday, August 24, 2009


Posted by NiXiE~ at 5:03 PM 2 comments
I've received lots of text saying and asking if she's really dead and why.
Here's one of the text messages:

"YAHOO Breaking News

R&B Singer and also a Actress Beyonce Knowles passed away as of 4:35, Manila time today due to a FATAL PLANE ACCiDENT. The said plane supposedly go to BAHAMAS for her performance in MISS UNIVERSE 2009. Beyonce's mom TINA KNOWLES also died in plane crash.

For more info visit WWW.YAHOONEWS.COM"

Then suddenly somebody texted me again saying....

"Beyonce's not dead. Google it. It's just a hoax. Even her boyfriend, Jay-Z was rumored to be dead."

I dont know if it is true. But it give me creeps while in a tricycle. I really cant believe. Hoping it wasnt true. Im tryin' to search it, but there's no result.

If it is just a humor, fvck! Stop making this kind of news. It wasn't funny, really. Read the rest of this entry >>
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